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It's World Teacher's Day on 5 October 2019!

So, what exactly is World Teacher's Day?

It is a day devoted to appreciating, assessing, and improving the educators of the world. This internationally recognized day commemorates teachers around the globe and their commitment to children and learning.

Tell your teacher that you appreciate him/her. Educators have it hard enough as it is in our schools, since they have to find proper ways to discipline unruly children. They get up every morning, facing challenges.

Our children are the future of tomorrow. Let's thank our educators. Let's tell them that we as parents, appreciate what they do for our children.

I cannot imagine myself standing in front of 20-45 children or students that is simply disrespectful - yet TEACHER's do it, five days a week...4 terms long.

Click on this link https://wishesmessages.com/thank-you-notes-for-teacher-thank-you-messages/ to find some inspirational words. Write a small letter with your youngster and why not order him/her a PERSONALIZED GIFT from RITZIE. How about a funny wine label with the words:

"Our child may be the reason you drink. So have this bottle on us!" or

"WINE. Helping teachers survive each term - one sip at a time"

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