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5 Reasons to give a Personalized Mug

ONE: As a wedding gift...

...that the bride and groom can enjoy every day, create matching mugs with their last name and their wedding date. Every sip of their morning coffee will be a sweet reminder of their favorite day.

TWO: We're expecting!

Why not order a set of my baby pink or sky blue two-tone ceramic mugs for the announcement of your pregnancy. I am happy to assist with designs. Imagine yourself, making coffee in one of these, and when handing them their coffee, say that they may keep the mugs. Remember to keep the camera ready to capture their surprised faces upon reading the announcement!

THREE: Birthdays

I love to give a personalized mug! Filled with biscuits and all sorts of yummy treats, this will definitely be the best cup in the cupboard! His or her own, personalized mug with their name, age and their favorite character printed on it. Best suited for ages 6+.

FOUR: New Employee

The first day at a new company can be very stressful. Welcome the new employee with a personalized mug. Let's print a funny quote, maybe something inspirational or simply "Welcome to (company)" with their name. Guaranteed to bring a smile to their face :)

FIVE: Thank You

We ponder in shops looking for a special gift to say thanks for something someone has done for you. Something special. Something different. Well...STOP...and order a personalized mug from Ritzie. A message like "I Espresso my gratitude", "You Mocha me proud", "Always on time - never Latte". Add a voucher and say "Time to put YOUR feet up!" and send them off for some pampering.

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